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Mental and emotional health support

We offer mental and emotional health support on the telephone, face to face and in groups. We work alongside families to help them support their children and to find and access other local support services. See details of our services below.

To get help call 0300 304 5555 or request support online.

Positive Minds

Mental wellbeing can often be a roadblock for young people in applying for a job. The Positive Minds programme has been specially created for people under 25. We work with Works Better to deliver support including:

  • Telephone Support
  • Access to on-line self-help resources
  • Small groups sessions / workshops
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Peer support
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Social and recreational opportunities


Learn about emotional health by joining our fun, informal and practical groupwork sessions and workshops.  Delivered by friendly and knowledgeable staff, workshops are usually one session, last an hour and up to 12 people can attend. Find out more about online workshops now.

Groupwork offers the opportunity to explore and understand your feelings and also to learn from and support other people who feel similar things.  We hope to have support groups on particular themes, such as anxiety, when social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Telephone support

When you make a support request, we'll call you and your family and listen to your situation and how you're feeling. We'll provide information, advice and support to help you right from the start, including advice on managing your own mental health, tips and useful resources and information about other services.

You can also have regular telephone support calls whilst you're waiting for other support.


Counsellors are skilled listeners, trained and supported to help young people talk about thoughts and feelings that are distressing or difficult to understand. Exploring thoughts, feelings and what they mean to us can help us to find ways to understand and manage ourselves better.  Counsellors sometimes use art, making things and other activities to make talking easier.  Counsellors help you find your answers and solutions.

Typically, a counselling session takes place every week at the same time in the same place for a number of weeks.


The Create group is for young people with learning difficulties.  Young people decide a programme of activities together and the friendly workers help get everything organised and make sure everyone has fun.  Activities have included sensory science, arts & crafts and forest school. 

The group meets every Wednesday, in the school term, at Northorpe Hall. Those aged 8-12 meet at 5pm and 13-18 year olds meet at 7pm.  Groups are for 90 minutes.

Kirklees Youth Mentoring

A mentor is a trusted adult that a young person gets to know over a long time - perhaps as long as a year - helping young people to understand and learn from the challenges they face, try new things and make the changes in their life that they want to make.

Mentors have no other agenda - just to be there for young people when they need support. Mentors are trained, experienced, caring and easy to talk to and can draw on the support, advice and back up of Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust staff.  Young people can be peer mentors, too.

Family Support

“It’s been very good for our family. You chose good people to help us. We’re going for a new life, a new start.  You’ve really helped us.  Thank you all for everything.” (Parent feedback). 

Our Family Support Volunteers are trained and supported to help families facing challenges, helping them to play, communicate and make the changes they want to make. Volunteers may spend time supporting a parent/carer at home or out with a particular child, depending on what is required.  Often relationships between a volunteer and a family continue for many months. Requests for a volunteer can only come through Kirklees Council's Early Support Service.

Other support workers

Emotional Health Workers and Senior Practitioners provide support to young people using a range of activities and tools, meeting young people where and when works best.  They help young people to explore how they are feeling, understand their mental health, set goals, make changes and improve young people's mental and emotional health.

Workers and young people meet at home, school or somewhere the young person feels safe and comfortable, and will work with other services and the young person's family, with consent, to ensure joined up support for young people.

Support in school

Education Mental Health Practitioners are placed with particular schools to support young people's emotional health. They will listen to young people and use a range of tools and resources to help young people to improve their mental health.

They work closely with other support services and education staff to provide joined up, responsive support in education settings.  Not all Kirklees schools have Education Mental Health Workers.

To get help call 0300 304 5555 or request support online.

Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust is part of the Thriving Kirklees partnership. We work closely with Locala Community Partnerships, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), local GPs, schools, Kirklees Council and many voluntary and community organisations. Thriving Kirklees aims to help families to get the right support at the right time. More information is available on the Thriving Kirklees website. 

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