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You are awesome!

You could help us to raise much needed funds to provide essential services supporting the health and wellbeing of Kirklees children, young people and families. 

How you can help

purple tick on white backgroundSet up a regular donation of £3, £4, £5 a month through Givey. Donate to our Givey site here. Alternatively you can donate through Facebook here. You can do anything to raise money for our charity- a sponsored run, bake sale or raffle- all money raised would be greatly appreciated.


We need your help now

In spring we discovered that our roof was leaking when the rain began to fall into counselling room number 2!

Now we know that being out in nature is good for mental health, but this is not the way to enjoy a rainstorm.  Some initial works were done, but these didn't work - so a full repair is now underway.

The cost of this repair will come out of charity reserves - funds we keep back for a rainy day.  This repair will cost of around £10,000 so we're hoping there are not too many rainy days ahead.

We've not been able to fundraise through weddings and events in the Barn this year, due to Covid, and we've not received as many donations as usual either.  In a typical year, these activities raise around £30,000 for the charity.

Did you know...

  • Every month we're supporting over 400 Kirklees children
  • Every month there are more families asking for our support than we can help
  • Donating to a local charity like ours means more of your money goes to help those who need it
  • You can make a one-off or regular donation through Givey
  • You can also use Givey to set up a fundraising or sponsored event
  • You can also raise money for us as a business or community group. Find out how, here

However you want to help, THANK YOU. Everything you can do we really appreciate.


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