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Help us continue our work supporting children & young people's emotional health


We help hundreds of families every year where children and young people face challenges to their emotional and mental health.

Getting quality support, as soon as it is needed, reduces the likelihood of mental health problems in adulthood – saving years of difficulties and saving society money in the long run.

Our approach is non-stigmatising, flexible and caring, and nearly all those we support say that it has made a real difference to their lives.

We also aim to have a positive effect on society, community and the environment.  We are a fair employer, reduce our environmental impact and support local not-for-profit organisations and businesses.

As a small organisation, we keep our costs down and we use your donation to reach as many children and young people as possible.

It is easy to donate:

  • Donate Online Now via our BT My Donate Profile.  We get back the tax you paid on your income, too!
  • Or you can send a cheque made payable to Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust to: Northorpe Hall, 53 Northorpe Lane, Mirfield, WF14 0QL
  • We are delighted to take cash donations at the Hall, but please do not send cash by post.

If you want to set up a donation in your will, or have any questions, please Contact us