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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us.

All of our current opportunities are listed below.

Wellbeing Volunteer- Parent and Families

  • Supporting parents and families.
  • Long term, 12 months+ commitment.
  • Weekly/regular contact required
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Kirklees Youth Mentor Volunteers

  • Being a positive adult, offering support for young people.
  • Long term, 12 months+ commitment.
  • Weekly/regular contact required.
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Parent Voice Volunteer

  • Helping to shape service delivery
  • Flexible commitment
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Site DIY Volunteers

  • Helping to keep our buildings and grounds in tip top shape
  • Regular Wednesday volunteering sessions
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Session Delivery Volunteers (no current opportunities)

  • Supporting the delivery of information sessions
  • Once trained, flexible commitment
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Group Volunteers (no current opportunities)

  • Supporting groups for young people
  • Weekly commitment required
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Wellbeing Volunteer

As a Wellbeing Volunteer you will meet on a weekly basis supporting parents and family members to meet their needs. 

You might be supporting people to access community activities and link in to other resources in their local area. Alternatively you could support a family to maintain behaviour management, to learn to have fun together and to get the best out of family life.

Volunteering within your community, you’ll be supporting families through a range of support needs including:

  • Low level physical and mental health problems
  • Family budgeting
  • Supporting adult and child relationships
  • Social isolation
  • Family changes that need a little support

If you have experience as a mum, dad, grandparent or carer, you could make a big difference to a struggling family and be a valuable asset to Northorpe Hall. Equally, if you have an interest in supporting families, young people, or want a career change, this could be the role for you.  You can read more on our leaflet. 



Qualities you will need to be a volunteer

We are interested in applications from all potential volunteers. You don’t need to have lots of experience and we are looking for people who have the following qualities.

  • The ability to be non-judgmental and with a friendly, caring attitude towards others
  • Enthusiasm
  • A good understanding of the issues that families, children and young people face
  • Act as a positive role model
  • Be over 18 years of age

Additionally, some of our roles required volunteers to be able to make a regular long term commitment.

Wellbeing Volunteer

Some of the types of support we offer are to families who are facing changing and challenging circumstances, families who are facing loss and bereavement, and also families who may need strategies and techniques for improving family life. Volunteers have made an impact with encouraging positive mental wellbeing.

Volunteers have enjoyed working with families to encourage positive play and interactions within the home. Young people have been given the confidence to transition to high school by having a positive role model to help them deal with any worries or insecurities at these challenging times. “The support helped me with different discussions about school and we talked about what I would do after school. I enjoyed all the activities we did and I feel it’s gotten better.”

Adults within the family have said: “I feel the whole family benefitted, not just my son.  This was because I learnt a lot of things too.   I found myself changing some things in our routines.  I noticed my son become more confident and he really enjoyed the activities with Adrian. He has explored areas regarding his future that I don’t think he would have without the support from Adrian.  The team were always able to help, and explained everything we ever asked and made us feel they were very approachable.”

Wellbeing Volunteer

This family  gave an overall satisfaction score of 10/10 for the support they received

Mum: “I listened, and I felt supported – my mood is different, I am more happy. It helped me with phone calls because my English not so good.  I’m so happy to have had good people here, it’s been very good for our family.  We’re starting a new life, a new start, and you’ve all really helped us.  With professionals its professional, but with my volunteer Kay it was easier, I felt more at ease”.

Feedback from Volunteer Kay “This match was a real learning curve for me, I was apprehensive about the language difference between us.   A lot of my support was about mum’s emotions, and I didn’t want language to be a barrier….. but I don’t feel it was.   I was able to reassure her over time, and she said that she felt understood.  Reflecting back, now its ended, it’s helped me realise how offering the emotional support with integrity, but still keeping a professional distance was really important for us all.”

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Parent Forum FlyerParent Voice

We are looking forward to host our first Parent Forum meeting on 30 June, 2022. This is a key strand of our Parent Voice Volunteering.  If you feel you’d like to get involved in shaping the services we offer please get in touch.

There's no need to make a long term commitment, we are just looking for parents and carers who are interested in young people’s mental health services and who have a little time to give now and again.

Come along to The Northorpe Hall Barn, Mirfield, for our first meeting at 10am on 30 June 2022.  You’ll receive a warm welcome from Lydia, Liz and our Parent Volunteers, oh, with coffee and cake of course!!

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