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Parents / Carers

We understand that caring for a child or young person who is having emotional or mental health difficulties is one of the most difficult things anyone does. 

It can be difficult to keep a balance between providing consistent and reliable love and care while making changes which help their children be safe and get back to health.  

To support young people effectively, many adults in a caring role will need some support themselves, to learn and reflect, to relax and recharge.  

Our useful links page has some information and online resources you may find helpful, to understand common mental and emotional health experiences.

Through our ChEWS (Children’s Emotional Wellbeing Service) funding we are able to offer some free information sessions to parents and professionals who are supporting the emotional health of children and young people in Kirklees. For more information and to see a list of dates available please visit the training page.

If you have concerns about a child or young person, call ASK CAMHS.

ASK CAMHS - Telephone Support

ASK CAMHS is our telephone support service.  Anyone can call, including young people, to talk to an experienced, trained worker about their concerns.

ASK CAMHS is also how parents and professionals request mental and emotional health support for a child aged 0-18 who is registered with a Kirklees GP.

ASK CAMHS workers gather information over the phone and then help you find the support you need.

Find out more about ASK CAMHS

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Both services are accessed through ASK CAMHS