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For Young People

It’s normal to experience strong emotions or to behave in ways which others find difficult, as you grow and develop, particularly in your teenage years.

Sometimes we all need some extra help.  National research suggests that one in four young people will need some  help from a trained professional at some time in their childhood because their feelings and behaviours are having a significant impact on their well-being and development. 

It might be that they have had some particularly challenging or painful life experiences and they are struggling to understand and cope with how these experiences have affected them.

Our activities, support and services help young people and families to understand the challenges and changes which can impact on mental and emotional health - and take action to help young people grow strong and resilient, better understand themselves and live a full and enjoyable life.

Where necessary, we can help young people and families to find the specialist or other services that they need.

We have some on-line information about mental health and self-help resources in our useful links.

The first step to getting help is to call us.  See Accessing Support