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You are awesome!

Thank you for choosing to support Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust. Every penny counts in making a difference to young people going through a difficult time.  Did you know you could make a one off donation, or start fundraising through our Givey site. Alternatively, you can find information on how to make a private donation here.

Your business could commit to raising £100 or even £1000 in a year by joining our fundraising clubs below.  When you fundraise, see our Good Practice Guidelines

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100 Club Members

100 Club Members The Northorpe Hall 100 Club is for individuals and community or faith groups that take up the challenge of raising £100 in a year to support Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust. Watch below to find out more.


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1000 Club

In for a penny, in for a pound! Why not set your business a real challenge and raise £1000 in a year to support us? 

For both clubs, you decide what you want to do to raise funds - silly, energetic, challenging or tasty, it's up to you.  We can help you come up with ideas, share your activities, collect donations and celebrate your achievements – and put the fun in fundraising! Watch the video below to find out more about our 100 Club members.

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Join Our Fundraising Club Now

When you become a Northorpe Hall 100/1000 Club member we send you a welcome letter and a membership certificate - and a certificate of achievement when you reach your target - and add details of our fundraising club members to our website. When you fundraise, see our Good Practice Guidelines

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