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You are awesome!

Thank you for choosing to support Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust. Every penny counts in making a difference to young people going through a difficult time. To make a one off donation, click here.

Your business could commit to raising £100 or even £1000 in a year by joining our fundraising club below.

Membership - Join Now

When you become a Northorpe Hall 100/1000 Club member we send you a welcome letter and a membership certificate - and a certificate of achievement when you reach your target - and add details of our fundraising club members to our website.


To help us make the most of your fundraising efforts, we've put together the following guidelines:

Keep in touch:

  • Keep the charity up to date with your contact details and give us permission to use and store your information;
  • Send us plans, photos and updates regularly and respond to us when we contact you
  • Also tell us if there are problems or you receive complaints
  • If the charity instructs you to cancel a fundraising activity, perhaps because it is unsafe or will have a negative impact on the charity, you agree to cancel it. Hopefully, this will never happen!
  • Ensure donors understand what they are donating to: the general costs of Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust, and make sure any information given about the charity is up to date, accurate and not exaggerated.

Get organised:

  • Your fundraising activities are up to you and are your responsibility. Planning well ahead can help make events a success and give you time to make sure they are safe, insured, open to all, publicised and run smoothly.
  • Please ask the charity for help or advice if you’re not sure about a fundraising activity. When things go wrong it can impact on the reputation of the charity and fundraisers, so let’s work together to get it right.
  • Be respectful, honest and fair:
  • Be respectful of other charities and organisations and individuals
  • Ensure vulnerable participants or donors are not exploited and have the capacity to make a decision about donating or participating
  • Ensure donations are freely given

Give freely:

  • Fundraising Club members donate their time and energy for a good cause, and that is a beautiful thing. Just to be clear, you are fundraising voluntarily and there is no expectation or right of employment, employment rights or payment from doing so.
  • You will ensure all donations reach Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust promptly, using the online fundraising page 
  • Don’t take your costs out of donations – if you need to be reimbursed for costs, please contact us at with details before costs are incurred. Yes, we’ll need receipts.

Keep records:

  • Donors can put their details on the online fundraising page
  • If you get other donations, it would be helpful to have the name, address and phone number of the donor and permission to contact them, so we can say thanks and sort out gift aid.
  • If you take any photos that we can use to celebrate your event, we’ll need permission from those in the photo to use it

100 Club Members

The Northorpe Hall 100 Club is for individuals and community or faith groups that take up the challenge of raising £100 in a year to support Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust. Click the logos below to find out more.

Croft House Cookies

Laura Foster from Croft House Cookies Women’s Institute presents a cheque for £500 to Tom Taylor, the Director of Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust.

Laura said “We’re really pleased that we’ve raised so much. We’ve baked loads of buns and cakes and sold them at events and we’ve raised money from our other trips and activities. I work for Locala, so I understand the importance of Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust to children and families needing mental health support. It’s a great charity and we’re delighted to support them.”

Tom Taylor, Director at the Trust said “Thanks to the fabulous Croft House Cookies for their donation. It’s a fantastic achievement to raise £500 and it’s a great help.  We’re currently supporting over 350  young people every month, as well as providing telephone support to lots families, so we appreciate the funds.”

Rotary Club

The Rotary Club have supported Northorpe Hall for a number of years through carol singing at either Northorpe events or in their local community. We are very grateful for the time and effort the Rotary have given supporting our Charity and you were very welcome guests at our Santa event in December too.

1000 Club

In for a penny, in for a pound! Why not set your business a real challenge and raise £1000 in a year to support us? 

For both clubs, you decide what you want to do to raise funds - silly, energetic, challenging or tasty, it's up to you.  We can help you come up with ideas, share your activities, collect donations and celebrate your achievements – and put the fun in fundraising! Click the logos below to find out more about our 100 Club members.

Triton Construction Ltd

Triton Construction Limited are a general contractor providing construction services across the North of England for over 12 years.  With our head office located in Liversedge, West Yorkshire and with a North West regional office in Warrington we cover projects in Yorkshire, North East of England, Derbyshire and the North West of England.  We have a strong presence and offer a complete construction service that incorporates projects from £500K – £10m in Design and Build, New Build, Fit out and Refurbishment in all of the following sectors.  At Triton our approach is simple we want more than a satisfied client, we want to secure firm relationships not just for the project but for all future work and it is pleasing that this company style and ethos have resulted in a high level of repeat and negotiated business.

The main reason we chose to support Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust and become a 1000 club member is because they are a small independently run local charity based close to our head office. The charity provides a much needed service to vulnerable children and young adults and care very much about the well-being of not only the children but their families as well. Triton Construction is a family orientated business we felt this mirrored a lot of how we care for all our staff and customers.

Lindley Community Choir

We are pleased to include Lindley Community Choir in our 1000 Club.  The choir originally began in March 2011 – A friendly, award-winning choir, making fabulous music under the direction of Alison North MBE.

The Choir recently performed a concert supported by the Huddersfield Choral Youth Choirs and raised an amazing £2525 for Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust. The charity was nominated by a young person who is a member of the choir.

Packhorse Shopping Centre

We are pleased to welcome The Packhorse Shopping Centre in Huddersfield to our 1000 Club!. We have had a base at the town centre shopping centre for the last 3 years and have built up a great working relationship with the Centre team and other retailers. We are pleased to be in the process of renewing our lease to ensure we continue these links for at least the next 3 years. The Packhorse Shopping Centre hope to hold a number of fundraising activities in the coming year to fund raise on behalf of Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust. The next time you are in Huddersfield town centre, why not pay them a visit and support local shops and businesses.


Cutwel are a British owned business with the customer at the centre of our attention. We are one of the UK’s largest independent engineering tooling distributors, employing over 60 people. Located near the M62 in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, we are based in a purpose made 24,000sq ft distribution facility. We were formed in 1996, over the last 20 years or so our product range has grown from supplying cutting tools for milling machines and lathes to a comprehensive range of engineering solutions."

Cutwel have joined the 1000 club and are committed to fund raising on behalf of Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust and hope to hit a target of £1000 over the next year.

Sewtec Automation

We were delighted to accept a cheque from Sewtec Automation, a company which is based in Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury were the first local company to sign up to our 1000 Club committing to raise £1000 in a year to support our work improving local children's mental health.They've smashed their target, raising over £1500. It will help fund our group activities for young people, making a real difference to lots of children's lives.

Sewtec managing director, Mark Cook, commented on the donation: “At Sewtec, we pride ourselves on supporting the local community and local causes, so joining the Northorpe 1000 club wasn’t an opportunity we were going to pass up. We’re delighted to be able to present this cheque to Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust and look forward to supporting the charity in the future to allow its team to offer the best support possible to young people with mental health issues in and around Mirfield.”

Leman UK

Leman UK have joined the 1000 club and are committed to fund raising on behalf of Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust and hope to hit a target of £1000 over the next year.  Last year they did a fun run with a team of 10 staff members and raised £360 + gift aid totaling £427.50! We are thrilled to accept another £730 for Christmas fund raising efforts taking their current total donated to over £2500.  This is an incredible achievement by the company, everyone at Northorpe Hall is very grateful for their support.

"The Mental Health of children and young people is extremely important particularly in the age of social media where there are so many outside influences that can impact young peoples wellbeing. We are delighted to be able to support a charity local to us that supports people through these difficult times providing care and guidance.”

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