Charity of the Year

Photo of a group of colleagues in super-hero fancy dress.

If you own or work for a local company and you've not yet picked a charity to fundraise for in 2024/25, please consider Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust?

Choosing Northorpe Hall as your charity partner (for a year or longer) means that we benefit from any fundraising or specific sponsorships you sign up for.

In exchange, and depending on the level of your commitment, we can offer:

  • Fundraising ideas for your staff to get involved in.
  • Collection buckets for your events.
  • Promotion of your organisation and activity across our social media platforms and website
  • Mental health training courses for parents and young people in your workforce
  • Access to our spaces for team events
  • Specific employee assistance services like counselling.

If you'd like to find out more please, contact us.

Help for parents in your workforce

Caring for an ill child or young person can put a huge amount of strain on working parents. We can provide bespoke mental health training and therapeutic counselling packages for parents in your employment.

Profits from private fee-based services are gifted back to the Trust so that we can provide 'free to access' support for children, young people and families.

Join our fundraising clubs

Can your business commit to raising £100 in a year for Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust? How about £1000? Or anything in between!

Our fundraising club is for individuals, businesses, community and faith groups who take on the challenge of raising £100 or £1000 for Northorpe Hall over the course of a year.

You decide how you want to raise funds and we'll help you come up with ideas, collect donations and celebrate your achievements. When you fundraise, see our Good Practice Guidelines.

On joining, you'll receive a welcome letter, membership certificate plus we'll add you the list of fundraising club members on our website. We'll stay in touch to share how your fundraising efforts are helping and you'll get a certificate of achievement once you reach your target.