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Thank you Eastthorpe Hall

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Eastthorpe Hall in Mirfield, which relaunched in 2023 as a health and wellness centre, is celebrating its first anniversary with a fundraising event for Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust, also based in Mirfield.

Actor Jodie Whittaker, best-known for playing the Doctor in the BBC’s long-running Doctor Who series, will be attending the event to help raise funds for Northorpe Hall including ‘meet and greets’ for fans and announcing the winners of the fundraising raffle.

Jodie Whittaker said: “I’m thrilled to be attending this event to help raise funds and awareness for the truly special work carried out by Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust. They need our support to be able to continue to provide these much-needed services, so I hope to see many people at Eastthorpe Hall on Friday 19 April so we can raise some money and show them how much we value them.”

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The event is being held at Eastthorpe Hall on Friday 19 April from 12-3pm. Tickets for the event are £15 per person, including the meet and greet with Jodie Whittaker, and can be purchased at bit.ly/eastthorpehallfirstanniversary or by emailing hello@eastthorpehall.com.

As well as Eastthorpe Hall celebrating its first anniversary, Northorpe Hall is celebrating its 60th anniversary year, having been established in November 1963. The event on Friday 19 April sees the start of a fundraising partnership between Eastthorpe Hall and Northorpe Hall, with the event fundraising target set at £2000, and more fundraising events are planned between the two prominent West Yorkshire organisations throughout the year.

The next chapter for Northorpe Hall

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Regrettably, the recent decision by Kirklees to terminate several contracts with us has resulted in the redundancy of thirty-nine dedicated and highly valued members of the Northorpe team. This move not only impacts the staff directly involved but also raises concerns about the continuity and quality of care for the children, young people, and families who have relied on essential services provided by Northorpe Hall since 2017.

For the avoidance of doubt, Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust has no role or remit within Kirklees Keep in Mind/Kirklees Families Together offering which has taken effect 01 April 2024.

As we transition into our next chapter, we are getting ready to reimagine our role and offerings in the community from our base in Mirfield. Despite the setback, we are determined to leverage our expertise and facilities to continue making a difference. By providing immediate support to families as well as specialised services for those most in need, we intend to fill critical gaps for our community and beyond. Our long-standing openness to exploring new avenues for engagement, funding and sustainability will be crucial to our success.

The loss of our role within the previous model is deeply felt but our commitment to providing a safe haven and resources for those in need remains undiminished. The journey ahead will undoubtedly present challenges, but also opportunities for growth and renewed impact in the lives of children, young people, families, communities and beyond.

Services available at Northorpe Hall

The following free to access and/or private services will be available from Northorpe Hall.

  • Children & Young People’s Domestic Abuse Counselling Service
  • CREATE – which offers term time sessions for children and young people with learning difficulties aged from 8 to 13 and 14 to 18
  • Kirklees Youth Mentoring Service – offering mentoring support to children and young people who do not have an adult role model in their lives in addition to peer mentoring support.
  • Private therapeutic counselling for children, young people with mental health concerns as well as siblings, parents and carers who would benefit from support.
  • Youth Voice - co-production, social action and peer support group for children and young people.
  • Parent Community Voice – Parent led co-production and social action group focusing on improving support and information for parents who are struggling with their child’s mental health.
  • Training courses and workshops for community groups, parents, schools and businesses.
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Please help...

Fundraising and donations for the Trust have never been more important than right now. We want to be around for another 60 years helping families in need and we genuinely appreciate every single penny received.

If you have been helped by Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust in the past and appreciate the value of the support we have provided, or you are concerned about the plight of Northorpe Hall, please consider making a one-off or regular donation.

If you own or work for a local business and are concerned about the emotional wellbeing of your children or current and future workforce, please think about choosing us as a charity partner or make us your charity of the year.

You can find out more about fundraising and how to make donations on our website www.northorpehall.co.uk