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Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust

Whatever your grades or next steps,

look after your mental health

It's not unusual to feel low if you've had a set-back, loss or things are not going to plan.  Even if everything is just as hoped, the reality of going back to education or making life changes can be daunting and worrying.  Sometimes we all need some support and someone to talk to.

If you are concerned that feelings and thoughts are too much to deal with - for yourself or a young person you know - and family, friends and others around you are not able to provide the support you need - then contact us for a chat.  Hundreds of young people contact us every month and almost all say that the support provided made a real difference.

Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust is an independent  charity, working closely with NHS and Kirklees Council health and care services. Our staff and volunteers provide essential services supporting the health and wellbeing of Kirklees children, young people and families and we aim to continue to provide support safely throughout the Coronavirus situation. Our staff and volunteers have kept working through the Coronavirus pandemic. You can still contact us as usual.

We're using video sessions and phone calls instead of individual or group meetings. Our social media has tips and activities for self-care and our new website has selected links and resources to help anyone understand and support young people's mental health.

Thanks to all our partners and funders, including Thriving Kirklees and the fundraising businesses, donors and volunteers that have continued their support and commitment. Thanks too to young people and the adults caring for them - for their trust and patience in mental health support workers and for all they do to help us improve and develop our support offer.

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