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Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust is an independent  charity, working closely with NHS and Kirklees Council health and care services. Our staff and volunteers provide essential services supporting the health and wellbeing of Kirklees children, young people and families. Latest News >>

Exam result day- read what our CEO Dipika Kaushal has to say about supporting young people here 

Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust supports young people working together with families, schools and other organisations.  We're available 8-8 Mon to Fri and 10-1 on Saturdays, just as we always have been. If you need our support, we're here for you. You can still contact us as usual, but please note we're getting a lot of calls from people needing support at the minute, therefore it is taking us longer for us to get back to you than normal - we're sorry. We will be in touch as soon as we can. 

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  • Our Create group have conquered a number of challenges to raise £1207.60! Find out more >>
  • Could you donate £2? Our Positive Minds group will be taking part in a sponsored walk in September. The money raised will be used to provide new experiences and activities for the young people who are working hard to improve their emotional wellbeing towards returning to education or employment. Donate or find out more >
  • Throughout the Summer holidays, we are holding Wellbeing Events in the parks around Kirklees and Library drop-ins for families that may need support and advice. Find out more
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Exam Results Day ……. What Next?

Leading a children and young people’s charity and also being a mum of two young people; one who has been through exam results day and another who is about to experience the first significant results day, I have been thinking about the impact of all the exam related stress- the waiting for results, then the big day itself not to mention the ‘what next?’

Living in a world where uncertainty is a constant, exams and results days can and does affect the emotional health and wellbeing of young people as well as families.  As a family the constant pressure we have been under, without much respite, has been trying at times; yet to see our children grow and become resilient in that process is also in a way reassuring as they prepare for independence.  

My children have grown up in a system of learn and test and will continue doing so for many years to come; however, as a family we have agreed and stuck to a key principle.  

Whatever happens next, whatever the result or outcome that does not define you and is definitely not the end of the road in any sense – where things might not work out life has a way of opening up other doors, options and opportunities.

As many young people will be celebrating come ‘A’ Level results day on 18th August or GCSE results day on 25th August and moving onto their planned destinations; there will also be young people and families who will be considering the ‘What Next?’ where the road is not as clear.  Whatever the outcome and despite living in a world that feels chaotic and frightening at times – there is always information and support out there to provide guidance on other options and opportunities.  

Families who need extra support at this time should contact their local careers service and community organisations who can help in many different ways.  Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust focus on supporting children facing challenges to their emotional well-being and mental health.  We provide flexible and caring support to those who need it including lots of information and resources on our website which can help at this time.   
I believe wholly in the saying that ‘Where one door closes, another door opens’ Don’t let results day define you or your ability to move forward as a young person or family; life is a journey and will at times force you to change direction but for most people, when looking back, it is usually the best thing that could have happened to them.

If, as a young person or parent, you are feeling concerned about yourself /your child’s emotional health and wellbeing at this time, don’t hesitate and do seek help and support from your local community based or national organisations.

Northorpe Hall wishes you all the very best in all your future endeavours what ever happens next!!!

Dipika Kaushal, CEO, Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust


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