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Online workshops

We can't run our workshops for parents and carers on site just now, but we can offer them by online video. Workshops help you understand and look after your child's emotional health. You'll need a computer/laptop and a quiet space for each session.  We're using Zoom to provide these workshops and we'll require an email address as part of booking a place.

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Understanding and supporting anxiety

Information about what anxiety is and resources to support and manage anxiety when this becomes overwhelming.

Maintaining positive emotional well-being

Looking at self-care to enhance our sense of positive well-being.

The teenage brain

Exploring how the brain develops and its impact on the ways teenagers think and feel.

Supporting sleep

Understanding the science of sleep, the impact of lack of sleep and suggestions on how to sleep better.

Autism Spectrum Condition Awareness Session

Workshops aimed at raising awareness and better understanding of Autism (or Autistic Spectrum Condtion - ASC). Take the opportunity to see what autism is from the perspective of autistic people through videos and information presented by the ASC family worker, meet others and share your experiences in a relaxed environment.

Back to Primary School

For children in primary school aged 8-11 with a parent/carer.  Also some sessions just for parent/carers.

Is your child worried about returning to school after a long break? This practical workshop is for children and parents/carers to explore together some strategies to support this transition.

Understanding behaviour as communication

When young people behave in a way we find difficult, we need to understand why they're behaving in this way.  What could they be trying to communicate to you?

Positive Communication and Attachment

Understanding the importance of how we talk and interact with young people to minimise communication breakdown.

Introduction to Sensory Integration Difficulties relating to Autism

This information session will give an overview of the different sensory systems and their roles, understand how difficulties processing sensory information can impact on a child's emotional regulation, behaviour and function and allow parent/carers to take away some strategies to support children with sensory difficulties

An introduction to self-harm

Self harm is an expression of mental pain.  Learn more about self-harm and how you can support young people who are harming themselves..


Click here to check all workshop availability and book your place.

Did you know..? Schools can book to host these workshops. If you're interested, contact us

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