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Our workshops are provided both in person and online. It will be stated on the booking form which workshop will be in person and which you can access online. The sessions are interactive, giving you an opportunity to share and engage in activities. Please don't be shy, we're all in the same boat!

We'll require an email address as part of booking a place. If you're accessing our workshops online, you'll need a computer/laptop and a quiet space for 90 minutes for each session.

See full list of workshops here

We are constantly updating our workshops to add new information or bring them in line with new guidelines and recommendations. We welcome anyone who wishes to attend our workshops. Even if you've attended before, you may learn something new.

Important notes

Please be considerate when booking onto a workshop. Places are limited and not everyone who wants to attend can. If you are booked onto a workshop and can no longer attend, let us know so someone on our waiting list can get the support they need. 

Workshops are for Kirklees residents only

Workshop materials will be sent via email after the session, with a feedback form.

Please sign up at least 7 days before the session is due to take place. You will see a confirmation screen as soon as you have signed up, confirming your place on the workshop, this is instead of a confirmation email. A link to join the Zoom workshop will be sent to you the day before it takes place.

See full list of workshops


Did you know..? Schools can book to host these workshops. If you're interested, contact us

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