Group and Individual Support

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Create Group

Create provides term-time, weekly group for young people with learning disabilities. It's a safe, creative, supportive space for young people to develop their social and communication skills, confidence and self-esteem through real friendships. 28 young people aged 8-18 were involved in the Create project last year.

Trained, experience workers support young people to devise a programme of inclusive, fun, physical and creative activities. Those aged 8-12 meet at 5pm and 13-18 year olds meet at 7.30pm. Groups are for 90 minutes.

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A mentor is a trusted adult that a young person gets to know over a long time - perhaps as long as a year - helping young people to understand and learn from the challenges they face, try new things and make the changes in their life that they want to make.

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Emotional Health Support

Emotional Health Workers provide support to young people using a range of activities and tools, meeting young people where and when works best.