There is help available

It can be a worrying and isolating time when you need to get help for your child. To get help call 0300 304 5555 or request support online. You can also join workshops to learn about mental health and what you can do to help your young person.

We will listen to your concerns on the phone and provide relevant advice and information. Our aim is to work together with young people and their families to find the best way to help. There may be support available through your school or other local organisation that we can help you to access.

We may be able to suggest lifestyle changes, activities or online resources which make a difference for you and your family, along with regular telephone support calls if you would like them. We also offer one-off workshop sessions, bringing young people and/or parents and carers together - on site or on-line - to learn about common mental health conditions and to get useful tips and advice.

Some young people benefit from a series of one to one support or group sessions with a dedicated support worker. Sessions can take place on our premises, or at home or in the community and are use evidenced-based tools and techniques to help young people to change behaviours and moods and improve their mental health. There is often a wait for a worker to be available for one to one sessions. It's normal to have good days and bad days. On your bad days, there's always support here for you.

To get help call 0300 304 5555 or request support online.

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Cygnet parenting support group

The Cygnet Parent Support Programme aims to support parents and carers of a child or young person aged 5-18 who has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

There are 6 sessions, and it is essential to attend all of them to get the most from the programme. Sessions will last approximately 2-3 hrs each. Find out more here.

Cygnet will run throughout the year.

To access the programme please make a support request through Thriving Kirklees on 0300 304 5555 or online here.

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Create provides term-time, weekly group for young people with learning disabilities. It's a safe, creative, supportive space for young people to develop their social and communication skills, confidence and self-esteem through real friendships. 28 young people aged 8-18 were involved in the Create project last year.

Trained, experience workers support young people to devise a programme of inclusive, fun, physical and creative activities. Those aged 8-12 meet at 5pm and 13-18 year olds meet at 7.30pm. Groups are for 90 minutes.

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A mentor is a trusted adult that a young person gets to know over a long time - perhaps as long as a year - helping young people to understand and learn from the challenges they face, try new things and make the changes in their life that they want to make.

Mentors have no other agenda - just to be there for young people when they need support. Mentors are trained, experienced, caring and easy to talk to and can draw on the support, advice and back up of Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust staff. Young people can be peer mentors, too.

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Wellbeing Volunteer

Our Wellbeing Volunteers are trained and supported to help families facing challenges, helping them to play, communicate and make the changes they want to make. Volunteers may spend time supporting a parent/carer at home or out with a particular child, depending on what is required. Often relationships between a volunteer and a family continue for many months. Requests for a volunteer can only come through Kirklees Council's Early Support Service.

"It's been very good for our family. You chose good people to help us. We're going for a new life, a new start. You've really helped us. Thank you all for everything." (Parent feedback).

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Other support workers

Emotional Health Workers and Senior Practitioners provide support to young people using a range of activities and tools, meeting young people where and when works best. They help young people to explore how they are feeling, understand their mental health, set goals, make changes and improve young people's mental and emotional health.

Workers and young people meet at home, school or somewhere the young person feels safe and comfortable, and will work with other services and the young person's family, with consent, to ensure joined up support for young people.

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Thriving Kirklees

Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust is part of the Thriving Kirklees partnership. We work closely with Locala Community Partnerships, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), local GPs, schools, Kirklees Council and many voluntary and community organisations. Thriving Kirklees aims to help families to get the right support at the right time.

More information is available on the Thriving Kirklees website.

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