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Group Work

Group work offers the opportunity for young people to learn from and support each other and is a great way of supporting children around issues such as confidence, social skills, self-esteem or developing their ability to deal with angry feelings or behaviours and stress.

We are currently offering the following group work packages free of charge to education providers, community groups or other organisations supporting children and young people. To access any of these packages please send your requests to info@northorpehall.co.uk

Focused group work

If you have made a support request for a child or young person, we may offer one of the following interventions:

  • Focused Group Work Interventions:
    • Anxiety
    • Low Mood
    • Timid To Tiger


Young People’s Workshops

We deliver the following Workshops each lasting 1 hour for up to 12 participants. These Workshops will take place at Northorpe Hall, The Packhorse, other locations in Kirklees and Schools can book to host these Workshops.

  • Exam Anxiety- Years 10-13
  • General Anxiety- Year 7+
  • Self-harm Information Session- Year 7+
  • How to Manage Worry (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Sleep (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Understanding your emotions (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Music (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Cooling down hot thoughts (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Setting Goals for yourself (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Eating Well (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Distraction (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Problem Solving (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Breathing and Relaxation (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • The Action Jar, Energising us to do things (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Looking Forward to Things (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • Resolving Conflict and Gaining Support (Moodmasters)- Year 7+
  • We also offer a session for children around school transitions to Middle/High School (For year 5 and 6 children, a parent/carer must accompany each child. Year 8 can attend unaccompanied).

*Moodmaster sessions are evidence based sessions developed by APT. The sessions cover a variety of different topics to teach young people the skills necessary to maintain positive mental health.

For further information on the workshops for Young People and to book on, click here.

To book to be a Host School for Young People’s Workshops, contact info@northorphall.co.uk

Parent/Carer Information Sessions

We deliver the following information sessions each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes for up to 15 participants. These sessions will take place at Northorpe Hall, other locations in Kirklees and Schools can book to host these sessions.

  • Introduction to Children and Young Persons Mental Health
  • Understanding Behaviour as Communication
  • Understanding and Supporting Anxiety
  • Positive Communication and Attachment
  • Introduction to Self-Harm
  • Maintaining Positive Emotional Well-being
  • The Teenage Brain

For further information on the workshops for Parents/Carers and to book on, click here.

To book to be a Host School for Parent/Carer Information sessions, contact info@northorphall.co.uk