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Group Work

Group work offers the opportunity for young people to learn from and support each other and is a great way of supporting children around issues such as confidence, social skills, self-esteem or developing their ability to deal with angry feelings or behaviours and stress.

We are currently offering the following group work packages free of charge to education providers, community groups or other organisations supporting children and young people. To access any of these packages please send your requests to info@northorpehall.co.uk

Preventative group work

Preventative group work explores challenges faced by the majority of children and young people at some point. These are larger group work sessions available to be delivered in school to children and young people. Sessions take place on a Thursday morning and will hopefully equip children and young people with skills to cope better with specific situations.

The topics have been chosen due to increased requests for support relating to these issues.

The preventative group work has been split into an offer each term that is timely for the focus of the sessions.

  • Autumn Term: Exam Anxiety available for years 10-13
  • Spring Term: Exam Anxiety available for years 10-13
  • Summer Term: Transition available for year 6 pupils

Focused group work

Focused group work is small group work for between 5 and 8 participants around a specific issue that all participants have in common. These will involve a number of sessions around the issue over a number of weeks. Working together the group will explore the issue; trying to understand it better and develop coping strategies for the future.These packages are available throughout the year as requested.

A worker from Northorpe Hall will come and deliver the sessions alongside a worker from your organisation. After the sessions are complete the package and the resources used will be passed to your organisation to use in future.

Currently Available are:

  • Understanding Self Harm – An 8 session programme aimed at young people aged 11-18
  • Managing Emotions – A 6 session programme available for those aged 11-16
  • Primary Anxiety and Self-Esteem – A 6 session programme aimed at young people aged 7-11
  • Primary Understanding Anger – A 6 session programme aimed at young people aged 7-11

Northorpe Hall will continue to build their group work offer as needs arise; with programmes developed on request. Please Contact Us to discuss your group work needs.