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ChEWS is the Tier 2 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for children and young people in Kirklees. This contract is delivered in partnership with Locala CIC. The contract has been in place since December 2012. ChEWS is commissioned to provide a direct intervention to 818 young people each year.

The Service provides short term targeted interventions to children and young people who are aged 5 to 19 and whose emotional needs are impacting on their day to day lives. ChEWS does not provide an immediate response service.

For further guidance on whether ChEWS is the appropriate service to support then please download our Support Checklist from the right of this page.

If you would like to find out how to access support please Click Here

There are different kinds of support available within ChEWS:

Individual Face to Face Interventions

This is one to one support provided by a Mental and Emotional Health Worker, an Emotional Health Worker or a Therapist depending on level of need and type of support required as identified in the referral and assessment process.

All our workers are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked & highly experienced at helping young people improve their lives.

Mental and Emotional Health Workers

Mental and Emotional Health Workers are qualified Mental Health Professionals. They will get to know children and young people and find out more about how they see their lives, explore factors impacting on their emotional health and help them make the changes required.

They will meet with children and young people in places where they feel comfortable, this may be in school, at home or in a community venue. Assessment tools will be used to identify risk and resilience factors. Workers will engage the young person to increase their ability to deal with the challenges they face and in turn increase their resilience.

The workers will also work alongside family members and other professionals that are supporting the child or young person assisting them to work together to support the child’s emotional and mental health.

Emotional Health Workers

Emotional Health Workers are qualified professionals who are experienced in working with children and young people facing challenges to their emotional health. Like the Mental and Emotional Health Workers, they will meet with children and young people in places they feel comfortable and work alongside other adults involved in supporting the child or young person.

They will support the child or young person to explore the challenges they are facing and help them develop coping strategies and improve resilience leading to improved emotional health.


Our Therapists are all Diploma qualified and BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) registered.

A Therapist is skilled at helping a person explore their thoughts and feelings and help them deal with the challenges they are facing. Therapy provides a safe and confidential space for the child or young person where their problems can be shared.

We offer appointment based sessions in schools, education settings and community venues across Kirklees, with evening and weekend appointments available.

Group Work

ChEWS is not just about one to one work, it’s also about working with children in groups. Groups may be run by Mental and Emotional Health Workers or Emotional Health Workers.

Group work offers the opportunity for young people to learn from and support each other and is a great way of supporting children around issues such as confidence, social skills, self-esteem or developing their ability to deal with angry feelings or behaviours and stress.

Click Here for more information about group work packages available.


Everyone caring for and working with children and young people can support their emotional health. ChEWS Provides a number of information sessions for parents and professionals aimed at improving knowledge of mental and emotional health issues that children and young people face.

For more information about training currently offered please Click Here.

ChEWS will work with other agencies to support schools to take a strategic approach to improving children’s wellbeing.