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Helping us support the community

Our wonderful volunteers talk about their experiences volunteering with families and young people. Read their stories below.


Harishta- Family Support Volunteer

"I supported a mum to venture out of her own home. Previously this mum had been subject to domestic abuse and this had left her terrified to go out into the local community.

I helped her to build her confidence. We practised going out together, shopping and going to appointments.

Gradually mum learnt to overcome her fears and is now able to collect her children from school, shop for fresh food and take the children to the local park."

Helen- Youth Mentor

"I supported a young person on the autistic spectrum to go on outings to support his independence and social skills.

The young person was passionate about trains, so we took many a ride to town using both busses and trains. We visited places of interest, had a drink and a chat in order to experience independent travel. This was the first time he had ever been out without a family member. He learnt to pay for his own things, to ask for his drink and snack and to show his bus pass when required.

I taught him about the Safe Places scheme and practised this to prepare him for travelling in the future. He learnt new social skills. His family learnt that he can be further supported to develop his independence."

Sarah- Family Support Volunteer

"I helped a family, a mum and four girls, who had never learnt to play and co operate together. I visited them weekly and helped the children and mum to set time aside to play games and do homework together.

Over time, the after school routine completely transformed from a chaotic muddle to a time that the children and mum learnt to enjoy together, playing games, listening to reading, having homework time together.

I also gave some practical help. I helped to de clutter and organise bedrooms."

The family loved time with Sarah and really valued the lessons they learnt about themselves as a family unit.

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