A charity with big ambitions

The work we do is hugely dependent on donations and fundraising and its possible to get involved in lots of ways. Here are some ways your donations can help us do more.

photo of 4 young people in an outdoor setting
Donate £10

Donating £10 helps us provide workshops for children and young people to meet and support each other.

close up photo of people holding turquoise and orange mugs
Donate £20

Donating £20 helps to fund our Chill N' Chat workshops for parents.

Two black women working together on a laptop
Donate £25

Donating £25 means we can provide online support to help build coping skills.

photo of teenage boy talking to therapist
Donate £30

Donating £30 helps a child or young person to access a counselling session.

Everybody knows somebody

image of a glass jar filled with coins.  jar has a label saying charity
Donate a £1 a Month

We think that everybody knows somebody who struggles with their mental health and is aware of the challenges this brings, not only to the individual, but to family and friends around them too. This is why we're asking everyone to donate a £1 a month to the Trust so that we can use the collective generosity of our community to provide 'free to access' support for children, young people and families when needed instead of joining a waiting list.

Other ways to donate

Donate as a Business

Choose us as your charity of the year, sponsor specific activities or join one of our fundraising clubs.

Logo for the Northorpe Barn
Donate with a celebration or event

The Northorpe Barn and Rooms are available to hire for weddings, celebrations and business events. All profits are given to the Trust to fund our work with families.