We are a small charity with big ambitions

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...and we need your support

Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust is a West Yorkshire based charity, supporting over 5,500 children and young people each year, who are experiencing disadvantage or difficulty due to mental health challenges.

We believe that all children and young people have the right to good mental health most of the time and provide the best support to help them recover quickly when they don't. This extends to parents, carers and siblings too.

We provide a safe space for children and young adults to explore better ways to manage their mental health and flourish. We nurture emotional resilience and wellbeing through respect, kindness and understanding. Read more about our values here.

We use our knowledge and experience to advocate for the mental health of children and young people. We work with our service users and partners to innovate and improve what we do and how we do it.

We believe that children and young people deserve more. Now more than ever.

How can you help?

Your donations are critical. Here are some ways your donations can help us do more.

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Donate £10

Donating £10 provides a safe space for children and young people to connect and be part of creating solutions together for mental wellbeing and resilience.

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Donate £15

Donating £15 funds training and support for our wellbeing volunteers .

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Donate £20

Donating £20 provides access to telephone, face-to-face and online interventions and support which help build coping skills, resilience and emotional wellbeing.

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Donate £25

Donating £25 helps a child or young person to access a Counselling or therapy session.

Turning one off into regular donations

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Donate Monthly

Regular monthly donations to Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust are amazing and will help us to sustain access to critical mental health support. This kind of donation helps us to build on our current range of services; working with young people and families to develop what they feel is needed.

Other ways to donate

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Donate with a Celebration

All the profits from weddings and parties in our barn go back into the charity to support our work with young people and families.

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Donate as a Business

Make us your charity of the year or join one of our Fundraising Clubs