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Well-being Support Worker

Wellbeing Support Workers respond by phone to requests for support from young people, parent/carers and professionals who have concerns about young people's mental health. Through supportive phone conversations they will understand the experiences, difficulties and perspectives of young people, families and professionals, recording information accurately to inform decision making about which support and services might help. Full details are in the job description below.

Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust currently has additional funds to work with schools and in partnership with other organisations to improve the mental health support available to young people and families in Kirklees.

30 hours per week – Fixed term to March 2021.

Weekly Working Hours:

Monday 2-8
Tuesday 10-4
Wednesday 2-8
Thursday 10-4
Friday 10-4

One Saturday morning to be worked on Rota basis. Where weekend day is worked a day off in the week will be given to balance the hours

Interviews will be held on Saturday 7th September - Please ensure availability


Purpose of the post

To provide support over the phone. Listening to those concerned about a child’s emotional well-being, collecting and analysing information, providing support and advice and assessing risks and needs. Liaising with safeguarding and other support services through established pathways.




Providing an effective and supportive telephone advice service

  • Answering and returning calls to those concerned about a child’s emotional wellbeing, including parents, professionals and young people themselves
  • Gaining consent  to use the information provided and ensuring the caller understands the confidentiality and information policy of the organisation
  • Encouraging them to talk, gathering information and typing it into the database system, and managing the call efficiently
  • Providing reassurance, encouragement and information to help reduce caller stress and build confidence
  • Making an assessment during the call about risks & urgency and appropriate actions
  • Providing information and assistance to enable callers to access other services
  • Providing support and advice over the phone regarding strategies and interventions that could be put in place at home and school in order to support the child’s emotional needs.
  • Making decisions and communicating them by telephone, in writing and on the database system, understanding that some decisions may be difficult for parents and referrers to accept
  • Assist in raising an awareness of the emotional and mental health needs of young people in Kirklees
  • Ensuring a responsive and positive experience for those accessing or attempting to access the service


Information, record keeping and support to decision making

  • Keeping good records of referrals and support requests using our client database system
  • Calling and writing to schools and other services to gather further information and views about a child or young person
  • Working with colleagues and others to make decisions about the support that can be offered and when to refer to other services including safeguarding or urgent services
  • Ensuring there are accurate records kept of all referrals, assessments, contacts and evidence of progress using the database systems.
  • To record outcomes where support and interventions are offered over the phone 
  • Recording feedback and comments from callers to help improve the service
  • Control information, sharing it appropriately in the interests of the child, with permission, and maintaining confidentiality where required


Support other Trust activities

  • To contribute to the safe and effective running of Northorpe Hall Trust and implementing plans, policies and procedures
  • To develop good working relationships with other Northorpe Hall staff and volunteers
  • Provide reports and information about the service as required
  • To support colleagues who are leading on other projects, events and activities to sustain and develop the Trust
  • Share skills and knowledge with colleagues, formally and informally
  • Supporting young people to contribute to and participate in decision making about Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust, to volunteer and to make a positive contribution to society
  • To undertake other duties as instructed by the Director



You will have excellent telephone skills, able to quickly engage callers. You will enable them to talk about their problems, worries and challenges which impact on the wellbeing of a child or young person. You will type in details as the call progresses, asking questions to ensure you have the full picture. You will obtain permission to gather information from others involved. You will have the skills to be able to offer support and advice over the phone in relation to common emotional and mental health concerns. Providing interventions and strategies to home and school in order for them to better support the young person regarding these concerns.

The service receives requests for support from parents/carers, professionals and young people with a range of concerns. Some young people have had traumatic experiences or are very distressed, and some parents/carers are anxious or angry. 

You will be able to deal confidently, positively and calmly with all calls, clarifying the details so that they can access the support they need.  This may include making an urgent transfers via established pathways. You will be caring but also resilient to deal with the emotional impact of calls and be able to work to targets to ensure we respond promptly and reach as many young people as possible.

You will have a good understanding of young people’s mental and emotional health and what can improve it or cause difficulties.


Essential Criteria - To be considered for this job you must:


  1. Have a degree in an appropriate subject or a relevant recognised professional qualification, or to be working towards.
  2. Have experience of working with families and young people experiencing mental health difficulties, including teenagers.  The equivalent of two years full time work in this sort of role is a minimum.
  3. Be able to listen to callers and, during the call, type a summary of the information they provide into a form on a computer.  You will also access information during the call and communicate this to callers.
  4. Be able to confidently provide information, advice and support on the telephone to families, professionals and young people.  You will support and be supported by colleagues in this.
  5. Be able to make decisions about signposting, referrals and prioritisation of cases using information available.  You will support and be supported by colleagues in this.
  6. Be a confident communicator with colleagues, young people, parents and other professionals – in person and in writing, including being competent in using information technology to maintain records and communicate.
  7. Accept that an enhanced DBS check and positive references are required as part of a safer recruitment process and be willing to undertake Safeguarding training to level 2.
  8. Be emotionally resilient, knowledgeable and positive about working with young people facing multiple challenges in their lives.
  9. Be eligible to work in the UK.

In your application, please ensure you demonstrate that you meet the above criteria. 

How to Apply
Download and fill in the Job Application Form (link to the right of the page).
Download the Application Form by right clicking the link and selecting "save link as".

Once completed – Please return your application to Jobs@northorpehall.co.uk


Closing Date:
Working Hours:
30 hours a week (Fixed Term until March 2021)
£22,725 per annum (pro rata 37hrs FTE)