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Workshops for Parents/Carers

*Please note: In the light of government advice we are cancelling parent information sessions until further notice.*


We are running some free workshops for parents and carers over the next few months. They will be fun, informal and practical sessions, delivered by friendly and knowledgeable staff. These workshops are held at either our bases in Mirfield, Huddersfield or at a number of different local outreach centres. Here are some of the workshops on offer:


Introduction to Children & Young People's Mental Health

Provides a general overview of good mental health and resources to support poor mental health.

Understanding Behaviour as Communication

A brief overview of why children may behave the way they do.

Understanding and Supporting Anxiety

Information about what anxiety is and resources to support manage anxiety when this becomes overwhelming.

Positive Communication and Attachment

Understanding the importance of how we talk and interact with young people to minimise communication breakdown.

Introduction to Self-Harm

Information on how to support young people who use self-harm as a coping mechanism.

Maintaining Positive Emotional Well-being

Looking at self-care to enhance our sense of positive well-being.

The Teenage Brain

Exploring the ways teenagers think and feel.

Transition to High School

Going to high school is a huge transition for children. Your child may be feeling anxious, nervous and afraid about the big move. This workshop will aim to help you to learn ways to support your child with this transition.

ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) Awareness Session

Workshops aimed at raising awareness and better understanding of Autism. Take the opportunity to see what autism is from the perspective of autistic people through videos and information presented by the ASC family worker, meet others and share your experiences in a relaxed environment. 

Supporting yourself as a carer and where to find help

Looking at self-care when you care for someone else, how does care affect us, how can we improve our own well-being, what works and where can we find help.

Sensory development and sensory differences relating to autism

This session will be an introduction to sensory development, help gain understanding of our different senses, recognise sensory preferences and to investigate/take "a closer look" at challenges and who/how can we help with challenges?


You can view the available dates for the workshops by clicking the link below. Please be aware that spaces are limited.


Click this link to sign up to one or more of the workshops.