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Workshops for Children & Young People

We are running some workshops for children and young people over the next few months. They will be fun, informal and practical sessions, delivered by friendly and knowledgeable staff. These workshops are held at either our bases in Mirfield, Huddersfield or at a number of different local outreach centres. Here are some of the workshops on offer:

Exam Anxiety - Years 10-13

Getting nervous about exams? Feeling overwhelmed about exams? Then this workshop is for you! You will learn practical ways to help manage your exam anxiety and useful coping strategies to help you feel more in control.

General Anxiety - Year 7+

Anxiety can work in our favour like helping us to revise for exams or keeping us safe when we are crossing the road. However, when we have a lot on our mind, small things can make us feel anxious and have a real impact on our lives. This workshop aims to help you to identify your triggers and to learn ways to manage your anxiety. A good session to attend after this session would be ‘How to manage worry’.

Self-harm Information Session - Year 7+

Worried about self-harm? It could be you or someone that you know. Many people self-harm for different reasons. This workshop will help you understand what self-harm is, why people may do it and how to go about making changes. It will provide information about support and ways of coping.

How to Manage Worry (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

We all feel worried at some point in our lives but sometimes people find it difficult to control their worries. This workshop aims to help you learn practical ways that can help you to manage your worries. You may find it helpful to attend the ‘General Anxiety’ workshop before this session to understand why people worry.

Sleep (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Many of us struggle to sleep at night for many reasons such as thinking about your day at school, thinking about people or events. This workshop will give you things that you can try to have a better night’s sleep. After all, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most helpful things that you can do.

Understanding your emotions (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Sometimes we find it hard to understand our emotions and need a little help understanding what is happening in our brains, this workshop will aim to help you do just that.

Music (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

When we listen to music something happens in our brain where a chemical (called Dopamine) is released and this chemical makes us feel good. This workshop will aim to explore ways that music can be good for your mental health.

Cooling down hot thoughts (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and think of lots of unhelpful thoughts (hot thoughts) that can make us feel low, angry, stressed or anxious. This workshop aims to help you identify your ‘hot’ thoughts and give you advice on how to manage these.

Setting Goals for yourself (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

It can be really useful to set a goal for yourself as it can make you feel more in control and it can feel amazing when you have achieved your goal. This workshop helps you learn ways that you can set goals for yourself and hopefully achieve your full potential.

Eating Well (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Have you heard of the saying ‘You are what you eat?’ Sometimes when we eat rubbish foods we can feel rubbish. Different foods can have a real impact on the way that we feel, this workshop aims to teach you more about this.

Distraction (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Do you find yourself caught up in your thoughts and worries? Distraction can be key to overcoming this and helping you find ways to manage those worrisome thoughts. This workshop will hopefully help you find ways to distract yourself.

Problem Solving (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to manage our problems. This workshop will aim to help you learn ways to manage your problems.

Breathing and Relaxation (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Do you feel that you can’t breathe properly or that you breathe too quickly (like a panic attack)? This workshop aims to help you to learn breathing techniques and how to relax your body.

The Action Jar, Energising us to do things (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

We can all feel low at times, it is good for us to learn ways that we can lift our mood and activate our behaviour (rather than sit around doing nothing). This workshop will teach you a practical way to help you decide what to do in order to help you feel better.

Looking Forward to Things (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Looking forward to things is good. Evidence shows us that those of us who look forward to things enjoy a happier life than those who don’t. So the plan must be to get better at looking forward to things.

Resolving Conflict and Gaining Support (Moodmasters) - Year 7+

Ever heard of the saying ‘it takes 2 to tango’? There is a lot of truth in that when it comes to conflict such as fallings out and arguments. This workshop will explore ways that can help you to resolve conflict and to identify support around you.

Transition to High School (for year 6 pupils with 1 parent/carer to accompany each child.)

Going to high school is a huge transition for children, going from a big fish in a little pond to a little fish in a big pond. A child may be feeling anxious, nervous and afraid about the big move. This workshop will aim to teach strategies to support a child with this transition.

You can view the available dates for the workshops by clicking the link below. Please be aware that spaces are limited.

Click this link to sign up to one or more of the workshops.