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Workshops for Children & Young People

We currently deliver the following Workshops each lasting approximately 1 hour for up to 12 participants. These Workshops will take place at Northorpe Hall, The Packhorse, Community Venues in Kirklees or schools can book to host these Workshops. If you are interested in our staff delivering any of these workshops at your school or a community venue, please send your requests to natasha.mansell@northorpehall.co.uk or info@northorpehall.co.uk


Primary School Offer


Transitioning to High School/middle school (Ages 10 and 11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer)

Is your child worried about going to a new school, finding their way around a new environment or making new friends? This workshop explores how you can support your child during this transition and give them strategies to help themselves! This workshop can also be delivered to year 5/6 young people without parent/carers within schools.

Managing Worry (Aged 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer)

Does your child find it difficult to manage their worries? Do you find that they worry about things they don’t necessarily need to? This workshop will look at practical worry managing strategies to help support your child.

Building Resilience (Aged 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer)

Does your child struggle to manage their emotions? Do they find it hard to cope and bounce back from difficult situations? This workshop will explore ways that you can help them build up their emotional resilience and improve their confidence.


Secondary School Offer


General Anxiety (aged 11+)

Do you find yourself scared about doing things and aren’t sure why? Do you find it difficult to manage your worries? Do you sometimes find that you want to avoid people or situations? This workshop will help you understand your anxieties, provide you with strategies to take back control and help you feel a little better. 

Exam Anxiety (aged 14+)

Do you stress out at the thought of exams? Do you feel like you struggle to manage during exam season? This workshop can help you keep calm and carry on by learning practical strategies to manage exam anxiety.

Self-harm Information Session (aged 11+)

Worried about self-harm? It could be you or someone that you know. Many people self-harm for different reasons. This workshop will help you understand what self-harm is, why people may do it and how to go about making changes.

Understanding and Managing Emotions (aged 11+)

Do you feel like you’re struggling to manage your hot thoughts? Do you feel like your emotions sometimes take over and you lose control? Do you struggle to react calmly to situations? This workshop will help you understand yourself better and to help you implement strategies to manage your emotions.

Low Mood (aged 11+)

Do you feel that you have no energy or motivation? Do you struggle to see a reason to get out of bed in a morning? Do you feel like you’re a burden? This workshop will help you gain an understanding of low mood and how it can impact on daily functioning. It will focus on increasing positive behaviours and explore ways that you can improve your emotional wellbeing.

Post 16 Transition (aged 14+)

Are you panicking about your future? Do you need some guidance on the transition after turning 16? This workshop will help you prepare for leaving school/college and to help you to manage your worries by exploring coping strategies.

Body Image and Self-Esteem (aged 11+)

Do you struggle finding positive things to say about yourself? Would you like to work towards feeling more confident about yourself? This workshop could be for you! We will spend time exploring what both body image and self-esteem means to you and how to nurture your resilience in this.

You can view the available dates for the workshops by clicking the link below. Please be aware that spaces are limited.

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