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Your business can make a difference to children's mental health.

Small businesses and community groups - or individuals - can join the Northorpe Hall 100 Club, committing to raise £100 in a year to support the charity's work.  More ambitious or larger organisations might join the Northorpe Hall 1000 Club instead, aiming to raise £1000.  For more information about the fundraising clubs, click on the boxes above.

You can also work with us by providing services or goods that we need, so long as the quality is right.  For example, we provide free hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fruit as part of the caring, warm welcome that gets the support relationship off to a good start.  Fox's Biscuits donated a generous pile of delicious snacks, saving our charitable funds so that we can help more children.

Your business might also benefit from some of our mental health awareness training.  If you buy training or other services from Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust it is provided by our staff, so any profit we make helps charity funds.

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