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Continuing Professional Development for School and College Staff 

We are passionate about providing training within the education setting to help staff to better understand and support young people's mental and emotional health.  Our sessions are interactive and positive, delivered by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, working in partnership with your school or college.

Sessions are generally planned to last for one and a half hours, though we are able to be flexible around timings. All sessions are interactive and contain both theory and practical strategies to implement. We can also offer bespoke CPD upon request for a small fee.

To book staff CPD, email us or contact your named Education Link Worker directly. 

Introduction to Children and Young Persons Mental Health 

Provides a general overview of mental health across the spectrum, risk and resilience, adverse childhood experiences and ideas for promoting an emotionally healthy classroom. 

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Understanding Attachment Theory

Provides an introduction to theories of attachment and the importance of relationships.

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Introduction to Self-Harm

Understanding why young people may self-harm as a coping strategy and how school staff can respond and support.

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The Teenage Brain

A brief look into developmental changes in the teenage brain and how we may respond. 

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Promoting Positive Emotional Wellbeing in Children and Young People

Exploring strategies to utilise with children and young people to promote self-care and positive mental health. 

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Understanding Behaviour as Communication

An overview of internal and external drivers of behaviour and opportunities to reflect on our responses.

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Understanding and Supporting Anxiety

A brief look into symptoms and possible triggers of anxiety. Within the session, we consider the difference between ‘normal’ worry and anxiety, offering practical strategies to normalise and self-manage.

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Promoting and Developing Self-Esteem and Resilience

Understanding what both good and low self-esteem look like, the impact of low self-esteem and strategies and resources to build resilience.

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Let’s Start the Conversation about Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Explores how to open up and hold first conversations about mental health with pupils, based on basic counselling principles. 

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