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What is Cygnet?

Cygnet is a parenting support programme for parents and carers of children and young people aged 5-18 with an autistic spectrum condition.

There are 8 sessions and it is essential to attend all of them to get the most from the programme. Sessions will last approximately 2-3 hours each.

Cygent will run throughout the year. The venues will change for each delivery to enable access for parents/carers across the district.

Learn more about the Cygnet programme by reading our Cygnet Information Sheet (listed under Downloads to the right of this page).


How do I access the Cygnet programme?

To access the programme please make a support request through Thriving Kirklees on 0300 304 5555 or online at www.thrivingkirklees.org.uk

Once this is made a Wellbeing Support Worker will contact you to discuss the current concerns and support needs. If you are already waiting to access the programme and have any further queries, please contact Northorpe Hall on 01924 492183.