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Half Term Show - Creative Scene presents "A Real Alien Adventure"

A Real Alien Adventure Poster

This half term, "A Real Alien Adventure" live at The Northorpe Barn on Tuesday 24th October.

Click here for tickets.

"Follow intrepid explorer Miss Amelia Buttersnap, investigator of all things unseen and mysterious and inventor of gadgets both marvellous and improbable, on her mission to prove that aliens really do exist.

With her translator device and her teleporter machine, she sets off in her homemade rocket on an exciting space journey.

Are the aliens friend or foe? Can Amelia rescue her trusty cat Tibbles and save the planet from alien destruction? And how do you drink a cup of tea in space?

Ripstop Theatre return to our towns, following their 2015 tour of A Real Mermaid’s Tale, with this original story boldly taking us into the far reaches of the galaxy with amazing magic tricks, intrigue and beautiful shadow puppetry, accompanied by a specially commissioned musical score.

Show Duration: 50 minutes, plus 20 minute stay and play session afterwards"

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