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Transitioning to High School

As the school year has just ended, with many already enjoying their summer holiday, lots of students will be experiencing a lot of change over the next few weeks. Whether it’s going to middle school, high school, college or 6th form.

We understand that this can be a very scary time for some and can trigger a real mix of emotions. We wanted to offer you advice during this time of transition.


Here are a few tips to help you;


  • TALK! About your feelings and worries to your loved ones, carers, teachers, friends or even pets. Remember that family members and teachers will have been through this change themselves, so may have good advice to offer you.


  • Challenge any negative thinking that you may have and try to think of positive alternatives.


  • Make sure that you are organised by planning and preparing for your first day. This could include planning your journey, packing your bag the night before, getting an early night and thinking about your lunch, money and other things that you would need to take.


  • Don’t believe all of the bad things that you hear about school/college. There are many myths and rumours that get passed down from year to year.



  • On your first day you could try to challenge yourself to talk to new people. Remember that the other students are in the same situation as you and may even be a lot more nervous than you.


  • Make a positive first impression; smile, be pleasant, be friendly and say hi to people.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help if needed. Older students will know how you feel and teachers will understand.


  • Remember that you are different to others and don’t expect everyone to be the same and think the same as you. We are all unique.


  • Try to remember to breathe and embrace this new change in your life. We only get to experience this opportunity once so let’s have an awesome time.

Finally, if you feel that you would benefit from further support, there are lots of websites that can help you:


Remember it’s OK to be a little anxious…..

By Hayley and Jade

Emotional Health workers at Northorpe Hall.

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