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Mirfield Co-op Gives More

Which supermarket is the best? We all have our favourites – whether we’re looking for the cheapest, best service, a bargain or top quality – but how often do we think about what a supermarket does with its profits?

Northorpe Hall Director, Tom Taylor at the Mirfield Co-op
Our director, Tom Taylor at The Mirfield Co-op receiving the Local Community Fund Cheque among representatives from other organisations who've also benefited.

Mirfield Co-operative supermarkets have shared some of their profits with Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust, donating over £5200 to support the charities work improving children’s mental health. That’s over £100 a week, every week in 2018!

Thank you to the coop!

It’s what the Co-op does. 1% of own brand purchases by Co-op members are donated to charities by Co-op supermarkets all over the country. This is in addition to the share given back to members in the ‘dividend’.

For us, it’s been a great experience – and we’ve not felt used or exploited by the relationship. John, the manager at Mirfield Co-op is genuinely keen to support our work, as are many of the staff. They came out to visit us and learn about what we do and the difference it makes to children and families.

On 13 Nov, we had an event which recognised the work of our volunteers with a celebration high tea, certificates and a visit from the Mayor. The Co-op donated a tasty selection of cakes, treats, tarts and delights helping to make it a great event for over sixty people.

The Mayor of Kirklees, Jade - Project Leader for The Create Project and Kirklees Youth Leaders at our Volunteer Celebration Event
The Mayor of Kirklees, Jade - Project Leader for The Create Project and Kirklees Youth Leaders at our Volunteer Celebration Event.


Those who shop at the Co-op know that it has heart and sound values. These same customers are generous themselves, too – every year Coop travel fill “Santa’s Suitcase” with gifts from Co-op customers and we pass them on to the families we support.

Gifts donated from Mirfield Co-op Travel for "Santa's Suitcase"
Some of the gifts donated by The Co-operative Travel Mirfield for our "Santa's Suitcase" last year.


So, next time you’re shopping till you drop and looking for a bargain, think about what happens to your money after it goes in the till – it could be making a real difference this Christmas.

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