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Could you be a Trustee at Northorpe Hall?

Do you care about children’s wellbeing and health?

Can you learn, listen and make decisions with others?

Are you trustworthy and enthusiastic?

We’re currently looking for new Trustees. Trustees are volunteers working as a board of Trustees, ensuring the charity is working legally and effectively. 

Trustees can be all ages, backgrounds, abilities, cultures, experiences and views.  In fact, we believe a diverse group of trustees can help the charity to see options and problems from different perspectives, and so help us to make better decisions. 

Being a trustee is a fantastic way to contribute to your community and make a difference to disadvantaged children’s lives.  You’ll develop strategic management, collective decision making and other valuable skills, and you’ll grow in confidence.  We’re facing an exciting and challenging future and it would be great if you could be part of it. 

For further details, visit our Volunteering page and download the Trustee role information.


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