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Exam Anxiety

With exams just around the corner for many young people, our Project Leader for Information and Self-Help Rosa Forrest has some advice to share...

Exams can cause anxiety, which is normal and urges us to action by revising and being prepared. However it is not helpful, if it paralyses us with fear; fear of failing, fear of not being able to achieve our goals and fear of letting people down. Fear and worry come from thoughts which we are able to control. It is important to manage the worry and fear because it can stop our thinking brain from working. Mindfulness can be very useful, because we focus on the present and if now is okay, then we are okay.

To manage this fear and worry, we can get help from family, friends, school and other services, so you have someone to talk to manage those big feelings and distract yourself from the anxious thoughts. A good way to do this in addition to grounding and breathing exercises is to be prepared and organised so it minimises stress, to ensure you are getting enough sleep and eating properly to give you the energy to concentrate and remember the information needed. It might also be helpful to see the bigger picture and have other plans in place, which then takes away the pressure of one way being the only way and other people’s expectations. There is a good chapter on this in “My Anxiety Handbook” by Sue Knowles.




Northorpe Hall is running a workshop to help young people learn practical tips for managing exam anxiety. We will explore useful coping strategies, support networks and information on accessing further support

For young people aged 14 and above.

For dates and to book a place, click here.


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