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We have resources on various subjects which you may find useful. See the list of subjects below.

The suggested websites have been checked by Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust in September 2014. We think that they may be helpful but we cannot take responsibility for external sites, so please use at your own discretion.

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  • Teenagers
    Information for Teenagers   Provides a host of information aimed at Teens.  There is also Live Chat section and some Apps & Tools. Childline provides support up to the age of 19 and contains information around feelings, mental health, online & mobile safety, sexual health, puberty and my body.  There is also information once you’ve turned 19. This 
  • Suicidal Thoughts
    Papyrus – “Young people are working with us to promote positive mental wellbeing in colleges and universities. We’re about all young people, not just those in education. We want to involve more young people from different backgrounds in what we do.” SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement Society) – SOBS are a charitable organisation providing support to adults affected by suicide. However, 
  • Sleep
    Information for Young People: This website is aimed at helping children when they have difficulties with behaviours. It provides practical advice. This website is aimed at Young People (13 / 14 plus), and has information and work book approach with tips to help review behaviours and sleeping. Information for Parents/Professionals: Mind has a range of information for professionals 
  • Bereavement
    Information For Young People Suggestions on Coping with Bereavement – This webpage is written by young people who talk about what has helped them to cope. Why not read through their stories to see if anything might be helpful for you. Coping When Someone Dies – People have different ways of coping with their grief. Here are some more ideas 
  • Self Harm
    Information for Young People Young Minds – Understanding Self Harm– A webpage that helps you understand self-harming and suggests aways to stop. Child Line – Self-Harm – This website offers free online and telephone support for anyone who needs it, as well as videos and information. Life SIGNS – Life SIGNS (Self-Injury Guidance and Support Network) is an online, user-led voluntary 
  • Positive Relationships
    Help with Relationships – Respect Not Fear is a website for young people. It has lots of advice and activities to help you make sure you have good relationships that make you happy. How To Get On With Your Parents – This site has advice for young people on lots of things. This page has got tips about living at 
  • Friendship Groups
    Information for Young People: This website is aimed at 5 – 19 years of age. It gives clear and concise information and has web chat / forums for the older element of this age group. It has information on friends, peer pressure, tips on making friends and advice on helping friends who are having a tough time. For Younger Children: Every 
  • Eating Disorders
    Information for Young People Information and Advice about Eating Disorders – – This site was created with the help of young people. There are posts, videos, and blogs from young people coping with eating disorders and lots of practical help. Young Minds – What is Bulimia? – Information about bulimia and help with how to cope. Youth Health Talk – Young 
  • E-Safety
    Information for Young People: Child friendly website with help and advice about a wide range of issues. This site also has online chat forum facility for children and young people. Information for Parents/Professionals: – This site has a range of information for children & young people, parents & professionals including e-safety advice, posters and protection awareness. The 
  • Drugs and Alcohol
    Information for Young People Youth Health Talk – Information about Drug and Alcohol Problems – Young people talk about their experiences with drugs and alcohol. The site also has advice about help and treatment. Help with Drugs and Alcohol – FRANK is a website about drug problems with online support and a helpline, as well as message boards and videos. There is 
  • Domestic and Child Abuse
    Information for Young People What Is Domestic Abuse? (For Children) – This webpage explains that domestic abuse is when a grown-up hurts or bullies another grown-up who is in the same family, or who is (or was) their partner. What is Domestic Abuse? (For Young People) – This webpage explains that domestic abuse is when one person hurts or bullies 
  • Divorce and Separation
    Information for Young People: This website is aimed at 5 – 19 years of age. It gives clear and concise information and has webchat/ forums for the older element of this age group. This site is perhaps aimed at older young people (so 14 / 15 years upwards) & provides information around the legal process and other questions you 
  • Depression and Mood Swings
    Information for Young People Great Ormond Street – What is Counselling? – This is a webpage on the Great Ormond Street Hospital webite. It explains what counselling means and talks about how it could help you. Young Minds – Help with Depression – “The most important thing you can do if you think you are feeling depressed is talk to someone. This 
  • Bullying
    General information: -This website contains information and guidance around the subject of Bullying and also includes some practical advice for children and parents. Information for Young People: This website is aimed at 5 – 19 years of age. It gives clear and concise information and has web chat/ forums for the older element of this age group. Information for Parents/Professionals: 
  • Anxiety
    Information for Young People Youth Health Talk – Information about Anxiety – Young people talk about what it is like to feel really anxious about themselves and their lives. There are video interviews with young people about feeling stressed and having panic attacks. Information for Parents/Carers Information about Anxiety in Young People – Advice and support for parents and carers. “We’ve 
  • Anger
    Information for Young People Coping with Feeling Angry “Some feelings are hard to cope with and anger is one of them. If you don’t have good ways of coping with it, you can end up behaving in ways that you might later wish you hadn’t” – Source: Young Minds A Personal Story about coping with Anger Alexa’s Story: Alexa fell 
  • National Support Services
    Young Minds – Childline – Mental Health Foundation – Great Ormond Street Hospital – Mental Health – Youth Health Talk – Mind – NHS Choices – Hands on Scotland – A site that contains toolkits to help children flourish and lots of advice around conditions. It aims to help you make a difference 
  • ADHD and Hyperactivity
    Advice for Teenagers living with ADHD – Whether you have just been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (or ADHD for short) or have been living with it for a while, getting on with life with ADHD can seem a scary prospect. Looking through this website should help answer your questions and fill in any blanks you may have. Information