Friendship Groups

Information for Young People:

This website is aimed at 5 – 19 years of age. It gives clear and concise information and has web chat / forums for the older element of this age group. It has information on friends, peer pressure, tips on making friends and advice on helping friends who are having a tough time.
For Younger Children:
Every School (Resources) for younger children:
Hands on Scotland:
Aimed at Young People 12 plus (Younger children may need help with language used)
The Site:
This website is aimed at 14 plus age group. The site has topics such as gossiping, jealous friends, shyness and more.
For KS 5 age range.  15 / 16 plus
There are also some soft skills videos to support for group viewing.
For Parents:  Please refer to Young Minds (as above).

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